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Exiled Kingdoms APK Mod v1.0.1054 [Unlocked] - Android Game

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Mary Nelson

By Mary Nelson
On 7th January, 2018
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Exiled Kingdoms APK Mod v1.0.1054 [Unlocked] - Android Game




Free Download Exiled Kingdoms APK Mod v1.0.1054 [Unlocked] - Android Game, a Modded Game for Unlimited Everything & It Is Unlocked Game from AMZModApk.

Exiled Kingdoms is an single-player action RPG that takes place in a huge interactive world that you can freely roam
Gain experience, find new treasures and allies, and immerse yourself in the ultimate battle between humanity and the forces that want to annihilate it!. This is an offline game that doesn't require an internet connection to play.

Unlike some other RPGs in the last years, Exiled Kingdoms is not a linear sucession of levels, but an open world. You decide where to go, what to do and who to be friends with! Explore mysterious ruins, fight to free slaves, or join some of the powerful factions; the choice is yours.

Features of Exiled Kingdoms APK Mod v1.0.1054 [Unlocked] - Android Game

  • •?Real-time combat against all kinds of different monsters and beasts, from vicious goblins to raging minotaurs and wyverns.
  • •?Explore all kind of environments freely: forests and caves, cities, ancient tombs and remote valleys.
  • •?Customize your character choosing between 4 classes, 40 skills and hundreds of different items.
  • •?Dozens of quests to solve, many with unique rewards.
  • •?Talk to hundreds of non-player characters, solve mysteries, make friends and enemies.
  • •?Roam the world freely, the game is completely non-linear and you can pretty much go anywhere you want. Become a tomb robber, or a bounty hunter, it's up to you!
  • •?Work on your reputation to become a hero of one or more of the kingdoms or guilds. Eventually you can become a knight, a high mage, a hero... or a villiain.

What's New in Exiled Kingdoms APK Mod v1.0.1054 [Unlocked] - Android Game

  • **Crashes or lag after update? Restart your device.
  • Update with many fixes after 1.0 release (no new content).
  • -Many cleric skills improved and adjusted.
  • -Casual difficulty regeneration improved.
  • -Many bugfixes and small improvements.

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  Free Download Exiled Kingdoms Android Game Modded Game Unlimited Everything Unlocked Game





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